Interested individuals will be able to register their interest in the VSE and subscribe to a free stock newsletter where they will be sent updated market knowledge.

Industry Analysis

Our independent market analysts will engage with clients to provide objective and discrete overviews on certain market sectors which show potential for growth e.g. Biotech sector growth stocks or IT sector growth stocks

industry analysis
Target stocks

Targeted Stocks

Specific stock alerts will be delivered through a program which targets listed entities on the BSE, NSE and MCX to know which deserve a focus and targeted spotlight approach which would help industry experts and financial analysts provide apt opinions on the potential of the stocks.

Internal Training

All staff are always updated with the latest current information on the various stocks which are trading and listed on the BSE, NSE and MCX.

internal training

Training Seminars & Webinars

This is the age of information and we are all about providing free accessible stock market knowledge to everyone which run in the form of regular monthly seminars. We verify all trainers as reputable and experts in their chosen fields.