Vadodara Stock Exchange Limited (VSEL) received recognition as Stock Exchange from the Government of India on 5th January 1990 and became Country’s 19th recognized Stock Exchange.  In the beginning it had 150 members and now the strength is 289.  In order to revive the Regional Stock Exchanges, SEBI came out with a Circular whereby RSEs floated its subsidiary company which acquired membership rights of BSE/NSE to facilitate trading terminals to the members of RSE.  Accordingly, Vadodara Stock Exchange Limited floated its 100% subsidiary named as VSE Stock Services Limited (VSSL).  As on 31-Dec-2009 there are about 98 active sub-brokers in VSSL and its current average daily turnover is Rs.80 crores in the cash segments of BSE and NSE.
Recognizing and appreciating the necessity of introducing Screen Based Trading at Vadodara, an accomodacious premises was acquired in 1995 at Fortune Tower, admeasuring approximately 1,56,238 Sq. ft. of area.  VSEL, as per Vadodara Stock Exchange Limited (Corporatisation and Demutualisation) Scheme, 2005 (“the Demutualisation Scheme”), notified by Securities and Exchange Board of India (“SEBI”) in the Official Gazette on 15th September, 2005, and in terms of Securities Contract (Regulation) (Manner of increasing and maintaining Public Shareholding in Stock Exchanges) Regulations, 2006, is required to reduce the shareholding of its Trading members up to 49% of its equity share capital i.e. minimum 51% holding is required to be owned by non-trading members, subject to the prior approval of SEBI.

Accordingly the Exchange got demutualised and a Notification to this effect vide  No. SEBI/MRD/DSA/105441/2007 was published on 9th October, 2007 in Part–III - Section-4 of the Gazette of India, notifying that VSEL has ensured compliance with the requirements of SCRA  on 13.09.2007 and that VSEL has completed corporatisation and demutualization by this date.
For the Depository operations, VSEL has branches in Surat, Bharuch & Anand and plans to expand its Depository participant business immediately after demutualisation in all towns of Gujarat and later on all over India. It has plans to tie up with banks to provide DP services from their branch premises, which shall be beneficial for all the parties. 
Trading Members 
VSEL currently has 289 Trading Members out of which 54 are corporate Trading Members. Since, presently there is no turnover on the Exchange the Trading Members are routing their business through the subsidiary of the Exchange and presently, 100 members are trading through subsidiary 
  The services provided by VSSL are as under:
    • Trading at BSE & NSE Cash Segment
    • Strong Risk Management Features
    • Trading at BSE & NSE Cash Segment
    • Strong Risk Management Features
    • Electronic Contract Notes
    • Direct Billing of Clients
    • Efficient Pay Out of Securities and Funds
    • Auto Pay In for VSSL clients having Demat Accounts in VSE CDSL DP
    • All Demat related Services

Listing of Securities of Companies